Transportation and operation costs in the Canadian Arctic are astronomical, with average airfare alone exceeding $5,500 and unbelievably high costs of living. To make this project happen, I am asking for help. To contribute, you can purchase a print, make a donation, or email me to commission a piece of artwork.

I am reaching out for support from people who believe in supporting the arts, photography, and Arctic issues. I am determined to make this project happen no matter what - and every contribution will make a huge difference.

Thank you!

-Acacia Johnson

Note: Thanks to the generosity of many backers so far, the project has received enough funding to happen. Additional support will help me afford the months of scanning, editing, post-processing and writing necessary to create a finished product.




This project is 71% funded. 

Goal: $15,000

The above goal reflects the minimum necessary cover airfare, housing and food for two months, as well as the costs of gasoline, dog food, large-format color film, film developing, scanning, and basic living expenses during an estimated 4 weeks of post-processing. This has been carefully calculated based on previous experience in the Canadian Arctic - a detailed budget can be provided upon request.


Platinum Level Sponsors: Quark Expeditions

  • Gold Level Sponsors: Eric du Teilleul, Joan Stark, Harvey Trop, Oxen Expedition Engagement Network

  • Silver Level Sponsors: Jacques Gourmelen, Maria Bedoya, Tucker McGownd, Lena Wikström, Ulrika Marklund, Bo Wikström, Adriana Teresa Letorney, Pat & Karen Murphy, Gina Hollomon, Julie Decker

  • Bronze Level Sponsors: Jillian Richie, Deb Wukasch, Erica Schoenberger, Leslie Vandergaw, Nic Sedenquist, Ismael Siles, Henry Horenstein, Brian Lefoe, Rachel Jump, Alex McNeil, Suzanne Greene, Niki Trudeau, Michelle Pelescak, Ann Finkbeiner, Krishna Ginjupalli, Richard Walsh

Sea Ice Stories

A project by photographer Acacia Johnson, celebrating sea ice and community in the Canadian Arctic.
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